Winter Days

I know this only my third post in nearly a year, and I’m sure this poor little blog thought I forgot all about it!  But I made up my mind today that I would post SOMETHING!  So here’s what my two little ones have been up to in January and February. 

Delectalbe cupcakes that Alissa made for her craft in preschool (at home w/ Mrs. Erickson!)


Logan Paul actually stood still for a picture!


Alissa was being a "stylist" and is posing beside the "wedding girl"!


Posing again!!


It was so warm on Saturday that the kids put on their swim suits and played in the sprinkler!


Yes, it really is February!


All that running makes them thirsty!


This is how Alissa spent Valentine's Day - hunting pheasants with the Crauthers!


Three very happy hunters returning from the kill!


Lance and Alissa shot 2 pheasants!!


Have to pose with Ian, too - 'cause he is cool!!


Taking a pretend ride on the 4-wheeler at Aunt Sandra's!


No we aren't at the golf course! The skies cleared yesterday and Alissa played with her Daddy's cattle flag at the barn!


Logan's "happy face!"


This was the beautiful view to the east from the barn yesterday evening!


~ by ranchinstyle on February 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Winter Days”

  1. SO good to see these beautiful pictures you posted of the kids and your new place in California! Love you all so much!!! I’ll show these to Grandpa Brown so he can see his greatgrands! Love, Aunt Melanie

  2. A new post!! Kirk and I were enjoying the pictures so much that we didn’t notice Mazie had opened a tea bag and was swirling her hands in the mess right behind us! Tell Alissa she can come bake at my house anytime and I’ll still let her eat all the chocolate chips! And sweet Logan can come make a mess with Mazie! Love and miss y’all!

  3. Thanks for updating pictures for us to see! Love seeing the kids. Miss ya. Glad you are enjoying life out there. Looks warm and green! 🙂

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