Summer Fun

Thanks to a little nudging, I am taking the time to post a few pictures of the kids.  They are staying busy, or should I say they are keeping me busy!!  They have been swimming, and to the fair in Merced, and of course, riding with Dad!

Alissa swimming at the Hayward


Wow that water feels good!!


Entertaining themselves at the fair - with tent stakes!!


Weeeee! Who is having more fun, Dad or Alissa?


Oh my, I am so glad she is 4 and not 16!!!


Logan is ALWAYS on the go!


Alissa and her new best friend, Buddy, looking for cow tracks, and coyotes, and mountain lions, and ...


~ by ranchinstyle on June 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “Summer Fun”

  1. Andra, thanks so much for posting these pictures! Love to see your beautiful family! You gotta let someone post a pic of you! Miss you guys! Love, Melanie

  2. Andra!! Thank you sooo much for blogging!! I just looked at them with Mazie Kate and she laughed everytime I told her who was in the picture. Guess she liked looking at her cousins’ smiling faces! We can’t wait to see you this summer – it will be fun!

  3. Hi Andra! Not sure if you will remember me but we went to college together in Stephenville. I sat through several economic classes with you. I was just looking at the Broken Spear Designs website and saw you. I love these photographs! You bring them to life in a way I’ve never seen before. I can see that you love your work and your life. I just wanted to say hello and compliment you on your work. Your kids are absolutely adorable. ~~ Carla Long Hughes, Bowie Texas

  4. Love your new pics of the kids. They are so cute. You are always great at catching their personalities in their pictures. We miss you and hope you come visit us in CO SOON. 🙂

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