Wow, a blog post!!  It has been a while to say the least, but I am finally back on the internet.  I am sure that most of you know that we moved to California at the first of the year.  Packing my entire house to move half way across the country is not something I recommend doing at Christmas, but I had lots of help from family and friends.  It took three full days of driving for our caravan of 3 trucks and trailers and 1 car to arrive at our destination, so needless to say the kids weren’t the only ones asking, “Are we there yet?”

We came out here anticipating slapping a little bit of paint on the ranch house and moving in with in a few weeks but it has turned out to be a much bigger project than that.  It’s now March and we are just getting our plans drawn for the remodel of the 900 sq. ft. home and the much-needed addition.  I am praying for patience, but I honestly think it will be closer to September before we are able to move to the ranch and get settled in our new home.  In the mean time, Dan’s Grandpa has a home with a gorgeous lake view that we are able to live in for now, so we are grateful!

We really felt like God was leading us to California although it was an agonizing decision.  Now that we are here, we know that this is where we are supposed to be.  We are certainly enjoying the beautiful weather and green grass and flowers (in March!!).  I am sitting outside wearing a t-shirt right now as I type (yippee!).  The kids love being outside these days, especially Logan, so they are loving it, too!  We miss everyone in Colorado and Texas, so if any of y’all need a west coast vacation, please call me!!!

Kids playing at Grandpa Carp's


Alissa with her Christmas puppy, Holly!


Princess Alissa on her 4th birthday playing with cousin Josiah


Gramma playing with Logan and cousin Nathan


Alissa (with the help of Dad) riding calves at the branding


California brandin'!


The fishing is pretty good out here!


Can I touch it, Dad?


I'd rather play on the rocks than fish!


Takin' a break!


My little Cowboy!


My smiley girl!




~ by ranchinstyle on March 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “California”

  1. Andra, You do such a great job and you have such great subjects! Think I’m alittle prejudice?

  2. Andra! You are such an amazing photographer with the two cutest kids!! Each picture I thought was my favorite until I saw the next :-). I love that Little Lis had her scarf on while spurring a calf and that Logan Paul still has the sweetest eyes a cowboy could have. We CAN’T wait to see y’all in April!!

  3. It seems like your kids have grown already!!! ALl of us are really miss you guys. Peyton is impressed with Alyssa’s fishing. He wants to know how many days until Alyssa comes fishing at his house. 🙂 Glad that you are enjoying the weather! Snowing here, AGAIN!! Love ya, Kathy

  4. Hey Andra, Dan, Alissa, and precious Logan! I’d love to come out and visit ya’ll some time and help you out with the kids and visit. Don’t exactly know when that will be, but I’d love to get your phone contact and address for future reference! Love the pictures of the kids! Love you all! I’m living in LaGrange, Texas, now with Joe, helping take care of Grandpa Brown with Mark and Beth. We went from living in our 3400 sf home to living in their renovated pool house (size of a studio apartment) — so I can kinda relate to your move! This all happened just about a month ago — I’m still “stove up” from all the moving — we had to rent 2 storage units to store our better home furnishings, as some day after Grandpa Brown passes, we will make another permanent move into a reasonable-sized house – not sure if here in LaGrange or back in Fort Worth — God knows! I love it here, though, for the time being, back on the farm with the cows, rabbits, deer, birds singin’, squirrels, dogs, and any other critter that runs across our country roads. Love to you all! Aunt MELANIE

  5. Gorgeous pics as usual! I can’t believe how big they are getting! I love the pic of Alyssa on the calf… So great!

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